Stone Oils

We carry Ceridwen’s Stone Oils!!

Why Stone Oils?

We like them because they allow you to:

  • Experience the energy of rare or expensive stones (like Ajoite or Alexandrite) without a large financial investment
  • They can be worn on the body to keep the energy of the stone with you throughout the day (for those who don’t have many pockets!)
  • They can work in conjunction with stone layouts to enhance the energy of the layout

How to Use Stone Oils

Place a small dab of the oil on the chakra or wrist pulse points and allow the oil to infuse your aura via the body’s natural heat.

Please note: All oils are for external use only and those with sensitive skin or allergies should first do a small skin test before using the oil.

Cost: $9 per bottle or $8 for 10 or more bottles

Available Oils:

 Agate Ajoite Alexandrite Amber Amethyst Angelite
Apatite Apophyllite Aquamarine Aventurine Azeztulite Azurite
Bloodstone Black Tourmaline Bustamite Calcite, Green Calcite, Golden Carnelian
Celestite Charoite Chrysocolla Chrysoprase Cinnabar Citrine
Covellite Danburite Diamond Elestial Emerald Fluorite
Garnet Hematite Herkimer Diamond Hiddenite Iolite Jade, Nephrite
Jasper Kimberlite Kunzite Kyanite Lapis Larimar
Lepidolite Lodestone Malachite Melody Green Mine Moldavite Moonstone
Nebula Stone Nuummite Obsidian Opal Peridot Phenacite
Pietersite Prehnite Pyrite Quartz, Clear Quartz, Faden Quartz, Rose
Quartz, Smoky Rhodochrosite Rhodonite Ruby Ruby in Zoisite Sapphire
Selenite Seraphenite  Smithsonite Sodalite Spectrolite (Labradorite) Sugilite
Serpentine Sunstone Super 7 Tanzanite Tiger Eye Tektite
Topaz Turquoise Zincite Zircon