Our Policies and Other Terms of Sale

Please note that all merchandise advertised on this website are one-of-a-kind items and subject to prior sale.

If you have questions about an item, contact us with a phone number where we can reach you.

We will make every attempt to answer your emails within 24 hours but we travel a lot so please don’t be offended if you don’t get an immediate response–especially around February and October.  But, be assured, you are important to us.

How to Order:  Contact us via email.  Please specify:

  • The exact item in which you are interested (use the descriptions from our page)
  • A phone number where we can reach you and best time of day to call
  • Method of payment (but DO NOT send credit card info through email!)
  • If you have a preference as to shipping method
  • Where to mail the package–must be a street address if you use FedEx

Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express (give us your phone number when you email us and we’ll call you for the details), Check or Money Order

Shipping and Insurance Costs: We usually ship via US Postal Service. Shipping charges will be included on your invoice.

Money Back Guarantee: Our mission is to find the right match.  We want you and the stones to be happy in their new homes. If for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, just mail us the undamaged stone back within 2 weeks of receipt and we’ll refund your purchase price.

Damage: We don’t have to tell you what damage is–it’s your karma if you chip or break it and then send it back.  If it chips or breaks in transit from us, we’ll of course be horrified (it’s our karma and we really do love our stones).  Please contact us immediately and be sure to save the packing material so we can file the claim.

Other Miscellaneous and Often Unknown Facts

How Do I Choose a Stone?:  Trust your inner guidance!!  The stone chooses you. All you have to do is listen. Are you particularly attracted to a stone and don’t know why? Can’t stop thinking about a stone or is it coming to you in your dreams? Ask the stone if it wants to come home with you and then allow the answer to come to you in whatever way you are comfortable with. Trust us–they really do answer. It may be a sense of “knowing”, there may be a “sign” or some other way that you are comfortable with in discerning your truth. Each individual is unique and your method of discrimination will be unique too. If all else fails, ask us and we’ll check in with our inner guidance–but we don’t guarantee these answers. We do guarantee that yours will be right if you listen with your heart to your own inner truth.

Our philosophy on stone misuse:  Crystals and stones are tools that have manifested in the physical plane to facilitate our journeys on our chosen paths. It is our intention that these stones be used only for the HIGHEST well-being of yourself, the planet and the Universe. But since this is a planet of free choice they can be misused, like any other tool, if that is your intention.  Just remember, it’s YOUR karma if you choose that path.  But please use these stones for the highest well-being and integrity of yourself and others and we’ll sleep better at night.

Mitakuye Oyasin. We are all one people.