New Acquisitions from the 2019 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

Wow! Another amazing Tucson trip in the books for The Crystal Guy crew! This year our trip was all about the magic in everything! Every single day we were blessed with a miracle. Some days this was divine timing, new material, shared connections, or even just a shared smile with an old friend. We spent a fair amount of our journey basking in the love of connections Gene had made in his beginning Tucson years (30 or so years ago!). This reconnection and deepening of that love absolutely radiates from the material! We truly learned to see the beauty in all things. Every day we were blessed with perfect synchronicities. When one truly trusts, the wonder will find you– just as our new stones found us!

NEW! “Blue Hair” & Rutile Quartz (Brazil). This new find has been nicknamed “Blue Hair” although there’s not much hair-like features visible. Instead, the quartz has wispy blue throughout and some has the golden glow of rutile. We think the blue is Actinolite, but a mineralogist once explained to Gene that Actinolite, Brookeite and Rutile are all in the same mineral family, just formed at different temperatures. In any case, our ‘hit’ on this new material is that it’s associated with Venus, goddess of Beauty. It helps you recognize the beauty in everything by first aligning your chakras and then having you go deep within to see the beauty of your own being. We must first recognize the beauty of our own Self before we can clearly see the beauty of others and the world. This quartz is a global healer to help us send beauty, love and abundance to the Earth and all sentient beings at this time. Gene has been carrying this stone to help facilitate a sense of calm and energetic well-being while moving through the chaos of Tucson!

NEW! New Amethyst find (Morocco). Gene calls this Mo-Rockin’ Amethyst! A new form of chevron amethyst came out this year, and we fell in love with it. We don’t usually associate Morocco with large amethyst, but a new vein was found recently which travels five miles through the mountains in a seam up to 3 feet wide. The result is a stunning combination of amethyst, citrine and some iron which has been polished into large plates, spheres, slices, tumbled stones and healing wands.

NEW! Blue Smoke Quartz (Colombia). This is a relatively new find that we were lucky enough to come across. While no one can tell us exactly what the blue mineral inclusion is, it has been scientifically verified that the blue is actually hollow micro tubes. The findings showed “there is evidence that in at least some crystals, atoms move in and out of these tunnels and the crystal can exchange its atoms with exterior fluids. Can we say that crystals breathe?” This may be why Gene described these points as “beyond active!” This material seems very eager to play and we look forward to utilizing this in grids. The base of the stone is Cookeite which has a high lithium content and makes this quartz very calming. Cookeite is also good for taming inflexibility and helps with problem solving. It also stimulates cooperation and is good for group ritual work. These various metaphysical properties also energetically soften the edge of life or the hard truths that are sometimes presented.

NEW! Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Carnelian Bowls (Madagascar). We scored some really nice large bowls of these minerals. What a great way to energize whatever you want to display in these lovely earth containers!

NEW! Sphene (Brazil). We sometimes get requests for Sphene so were very happy to get a nice selection of natural chunks of it. Sphene helps us connect with the heavenly bodies in the universe. It’s also a calming agent which stimulates the chakras and connects deeply with the physical body. When used in meditation, we found that it can show you the spiritual/mental/emotional reasons behind what we experience in the physical body. Very cool stuff!

NEW! Velvet Fluorite (China). We had a few requests for this relatively new material, and boy, are we glad we found some! This stone has all the attributes of purple fluorite — bringing orderly connection to psychic/spiritual growth, assisting one in precise communication of psychic information and helping prepare one for healing. In addition to these, we found this fluorite to be extremely gentle, teaching us to be gentle with ourselves. It softens the spiritual guidance we receive so we are better able to receive and process that guidance. Come see it while it lasts.

NEW! “Super Seven”- Amethyst with Cacoxenite Natural Points (Brazil). This material has a combination of different minerals, including cacoxenite and lepidocrosite, and the Brazilian dealer was calling it ‘Super Seven’. Whatever label you want to use, we really grooved on this material. Come check it out and see for yourself.

MORE! Scheelite with Dolomite. We’ve had a few requests for larger pieces of this material so we were pleased to find this in polished hand size pieces and free forms. Scheelite is good for aligning the 7 chakras and detecting when chakras are out of balance. It also stimulates female energies and can balance an excess of male energy. Scheelite stabilizes the Inner Self by helping to organize and integrate the personality with the Higher Self. The Dolomite helps relieve sorrow and encourages charitable actions.

MORE! Bumblebee Jasper (Indonesia). We just got a GREAT new selection of this material! Bumblebee works on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras. It energizes the emotional body in a BIG way! If you stuff your emotions, it will definitely bring them up. If you don’t, it will definitely leave you feeling groovy! Very powerful tool for dealing with the emotions and empowering us to take control!

MORE! Shungite Harmonizers. We couldn’t keep these in stock last year, so of course, we got more! These really cool tools consist of a rod of Shungite and a rod of Steatite, which is a form of soapstone. Shungite releases toxins, protects against electromagnetic frequencies and transmutes stress into a potent energetic recharge. Steatite helps release old routines and create new loving environments. It assists one in flexibility while providing a calming energy at the same time. We found that holding one in each hand would calm and relax you. Reversing them by switching hands would energize you, so you can work with this energy depending on what you need in every situation.

NEW! Green Tourmaline in Lepidolite (Brazil). These are hunks of Lepidolite which is in process of replacing the green tourmaline (the process is called morphism) so it leaves tubular holes in the Lepidolite. Gene has jokingly called it “wormhole tourmaline.” We love it because the Lepidolite is so calming and soothing while the green tourmaline is a great heart healer. Eases grief or, if you aren’t grieving, just makes you feel all happy and bubbly inside!

NEW! Green Fluorite (Madagascar). These are some of the yummiest deep green fluorite specimens we’ve ever seen! Specimens range from fist size to 12 inches long.

NEW! A HUGE variety of stone bracelets. We’ve always carried our trusted favorites like black tourmaline, rose quartz, Preseli stone, Shungite and Nuummit, but we found a lot more fabulous varieties of healing stones, so of course, we brought them home to you! These include amazonite, kunzite, pink opal, amethyst, jade, sodalite, dragon’s blood jasper, blue lace agate, charoite, and chrysocolla.

MORE! Larimar (Dominican Republic). We got a sweet selection of Larimar wands for those of you who love the stuff! Larimar helps one recognize self-imposed limitations. It’s also useful in cellular work, dimensional work, and Earth healing.

MORE! Septarian Healing Shields. One of our all-time favorites! We love these little healing shields and were very pleased to get a good selection this year. These stones provide both grounding and shielding of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. They promote calming and enhance feelings of well-being while amplifying one’s energies. Useful for determining the direction in which to progress. Enhances communication on all levels.

MORE! Diaspor (Turkey). One of Gene’s “quest” stones, Diaspor enhances communication by helping us understand the intent of other people’s messages. It also facilitates vivid dreaming and dream recall. Diaspor opens the crown chakra while grounding the user, making it a perfect stone for Gene’s principle of “As Above, So Below.” It also facilitates building one’s life on a strong foundation.

MORE! Aura Quartz in many varieties, including NEW Rose Aura Quartz. Can’t seem to keep this material in stock so we were pleased to get more Aqua Aura, Tanzine Aura, Angel Aura and Flame Aura!

MORE! Garnierite (Madagascar). This is a popular stone which sells out quickly so we really stocked up this time! Garnierite helps with self-confidence and esteem by unleashing our magnificence. Eliminates gossiping and ameliorates scandal. Helps release resentment and despair. Helps one who is single parenting or living alone become more confident and self-sufficient. Good for acquiring assets and gaming.

MORE! Moonflower Agate (Madagascar). We’ve had large beautiful free forms of this material for gridding one’s space and were very excited to find it in palm sized pieces for personal use and healing work. Moonflower Agate drops into the root chakra then works up the chakras to align and gently clear blockages along the way. Very cleansing and refreshing. Leaves you feeling focused, intuitive, centered, and peaceful. Helps us come into our Power Source versus seeking it externally from others. Helps us find our Voice.

MORE! Azurite Energy Stones (Peru). These are incredible healers which we search for every year and only find a few. This year we were blessed enough to find it in tumbled stone form so we can share the amazing energy of this stone with a wider audience! These are powerful little healers which help with our connection to the Divine. Very peaceful and transforming. They go to the place in the body where healing is called for. Good for working with animals. Compatible with Reiki energy. Combine them with amethyst flowers to draw out past life trauma.

MORE! Amethyst (Uruguay). We got some beautiful deep purple pieces of amethyst, just the right size for a shelf or table top display to grid the energy of your room or healing space.

MORE! Celestite, Polychrome Jasper, Smoky Quartz Elestials, Fairy Stones from Canada, Apophyllite, Vogel healing tools, and Brass and Wooden Deity statues.

And lots and lots MORE stones, jewelry and pendulums!