Links to Other Places of Interest

Here are some other places of interest that you might enjoy browsing.  These sites are “owned” by people we have connected with and that we believe offer quality products or services.  We offer these for your perusal.  As always, only YOU can be responsible for your highest well being–open your heart space and use your discrimination to determine if any of these products/services resonate with you.

Re-Sounding Joy
Kathleen Calby is an AMAZING sound healer when she plays her CrystalTones and Tibetan bowls for you! She also is a distributor for Tibetan bowls.
Check out Bob Geisel’s Magical Delights of jewelry and healing wands.
Gamma Lamp is a creative visual stimulation technique to work with people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
m. katherine
This textile artist has discovered a way to transfer images of feathers onto silk without harming the feather. The purple and orange feather mandalas in her Gallery 4 are healing cloths we use in our daily practice. Incredible energy in this work!
Luminary Studios
Luminary Studios makes some of the finest hand cut quartz crystal meditation/healing tools and jewelry available. Drew was trained by Marcel Vogel and has expanded the work to include his own incredibly powerful healing/energy tools and pendants.
Four Winds Academy
This is a Cincinnati based school whose mission is to create accredited 4-year degrees in healing which help define the role and function of healers in the 21st century.
Wellness Institute
For more information on energy based cranio-sacral training and polarity therapy. Roger Gilchrist is a very gifted cranio-sacral practitioner and teacher.
Marion Corbin-Mayer and Creative Catalyst Studio. Come out to play & discover unique courses, creative life coaching & Connections to creative energy. Be sure to visit the Artist’s Date & Affirmations page for inspiration.