Gene teaches a variety of experiential workshops on crystals & crystal healing.

Please look at our calendar to see what classes are being taught in your area.

Crystal Workshops

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Crystal Wisdom I

Level: No previous experience with stones necessary

Course Topics: Learn and practice Gene’s crystal basics including how to cleanse and program your stones, basic laying-on-of-stones techniques, the chakras and associated stones for healing, how to balance and align the chakras with kyanite and how to tune the chakras with a laser wand.

One day experiential class.

Crystal Wisdom II

Level: Intermediate — some knowledge of crystals or Crystal Wisdom required

Course Topics: Learn the ‘As Above, So Below’ technique for connecting heaven to the root chakra and earth to the crown chakra, bringing wholeness to your being. Experience techniques for using Vogel crystals to heal yourself and others; learn the basics of crystal gridding, expansion, healing and raising vibration. 

One day experiential class.

As Above, So Below – with Crystals

Level: Any knowledge level

Course Topics: Learn techniques for connecting the upper and lower chakras to connect Physical to Spiritual, Emotional to Mental, and dispel the illusion of separateness. Using assorted minerals, you will learn how to connect the lowest chakra to the highest vibration. We’ll also explore the interconnectedness of the chakra system and learn specific stones for activating weakened chakras. You’ll gain hands-on experience with these techniques which can be used on yourself and others to achieve a connection through our chakra system and beyond.

2-hr experiential class.

Melody’s “Love Is In the Earth” – Level I

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Course Topics: Learn Melody’s stone basics in this two-day workshop including how to clear etheric cords and connections, techniques for connecting with the Inner Self, laying-on-of-stones in the Vedic tradition, and techniques to identify and eliminate self-limiting beliefs.

Melody’s “Love Is In the Earth” – Level II

Level: Advanced — Level I is a prerequisite

Course Topics: Learn and experience specific arrays for personal healing and self-actualization drawn from sacred traditions around the globe including a past life ascension technique and soul journeying.  Also learn Tibetan pulsing and techniques to clarify and manifest your conscious desires.  This two-day workshop is entirely experiential!

Successful completion of both Levels I and II results in Certification as a “Master of Crystology.”

Healing with Vogel Crystals

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Course Topics: Experience Vogel crystals including how to activate the Vogel, techniques for healing the self and others, how to use Vogels in conjunction with other laying-on-of-stone techniques and meditation.

Half day experiential class.